Don't miss out, dining here is a must if you are visiting manuel antonio!!

Our family has been in the restaurant business for years, which makes traveling tough, we are quite the picky eaters... we, however, fell in love with Victoria's.... the food is amazing, atmosphere great, service wonderful. The owner Mark was a great host! The chicken pesto pizza is to die for, so is the tuna! We also had the shrimp portabello pasta, the jumbo shrimp were perfect & the sauce was heaven! The entire dining experience was memorable.... the portions are generous and reasonably priced. By far, in our opinion, it is the best restaurant in Manuel Antonio! We have visited MA 3 times in the past year and a half and have tried many of the restaurants, while good, they don't compare to Victoria's, so if you are planning a trip to MA, visit Victoria's early on during your stay, as I am sure you will be back before you leave!


New York City, New York


Victoria's two nights in a ROW!!

It's not real hard to explain Victoria's. Great food and a better Owner. We were on our way to get Pizza when our taxi driver told us to go to Victoria's. When we arrived we were greeted by two gentlemen who were having a meal up front in the restaurant. i thought they were just two nice guys saying hello. My wife and I sat down and looked over the menu. Finally, we ordered. Well over comes this guy and introduces himself as Mark "the owner". The same guy who was eating his meal upfront. Mark convinced us to change our whole meal around and sold us his chicken pizza. Amazing. Mark loves his restaurant and does a good job selling it. We ended up with 2 pizza and a classic Sangria which was full of delicious fruit. By the end of the night he made us a sample of his chipotle tuna and we were sold on this place. Great food, Great owner. On the way out he found out we were here celebrating our 15th anniversary. He told us to come back tomorrow to celebrate. WE DID. Mark was on his way out the door when we arrived. He decided to stay and personally take care of us. Free Drinks for the night (that was a plus) and the guy shut off the lights of the entire restaurant and had the staff sing happy anniversary with a nice piece of cheesecake with a candle in it sitting at our table.

From one Floridian to a former Floridian, THANK YOU MARK! See you next time!

Jason and Terry

South Florida


Great Food and Owner

Well, when was the last time you went to a restaurant for the 1st time, you sit down and become instant best friends with the owner and his gorgeous wife?

I have had plenty of amazing meals in my life, and this one was right up there. The place is very pretty, the pizza and OMG the chipotle tuna is fantastic.

Marc, the owner has such an amazing outgoing personality that you feel like you know him your whole life. He brought us complimentary tastes of his all his favorites throughout the night. The food was so good, that we came back the following evening again!

Fair prices, great food and friendly people. It doesn't get any better than that.


Parkland, Florida


Costa Rica's No.1 Classic Guitaris,Vocalist.




“Where healthy and great taste meet”








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